About Us

Our Method

Expert Consultants
  1. Offering sound and independent expertise across an array of technical security domains,
  2. Tailoring our services and advice to specific customer needs; and
  3. Developing industry knowledge and awareness by actively participating in the information security community.

Our Values

Consultative, Pragmatic, Experienced, Specialised
  • We’re consultative - Our team is here to engage with our customers directly; the person our clients talk to is not only a specialist in their field, but are able to articulate ideas, empathise with their stakeholders and define solutions.
  • We’re pragmatic - whilst we offer the best in common industry services, a one size fits all solution to testing is not always achievable, and nor is the recurrence of cumbersome outputs and reporting. a desired effect, end state in combination with a bias towards action is what we strive for.
  • We’re experienced - Our consultants have had several years of experience with world class information security teams alongside their ongoing involvement in the information security & research community.
  • We’re specialised - Mercury ISS continues to develop itself in areas it sees as necessary to supporting its clients security objectives; our offerings are defined, specific and in line with industry best practices.

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