Mercury Information Security Services

Mercury: Sonar

The Augmented Assurance Services provided via our automated digital assurance platform called Mercury: Sonar offers ongoing vulnerability analysis and reporting. Delivered as a subscription-based service, this is an enhanced system that allows you to maintain the security posture of your organisation using our latest technology for continuous evaluation and analysis.

The information provided by Mercury: Sonar is an accurate prediction of areas of potential vulnerability and can be used to diagnose a threat and determine the most appropriate Professional Service to be applied.

Sonar screengrab

Key Features


The Dashboard feature provides an overview of the recent activities that have occurred within the portal and users are also able to view the number of ‘new', ‘closed' and ‘accepted' findings over the previous 30 days. The Dashboard view also provides data on the number and severity of vulnerabilities over time. It is from this view that the User will make high-level assessments of their organisation's digital security posture.

Sonar screengrab - Dashboard


Mercury's cyber security experts will add their findings into the Portal as they conduct scans. Log in at any time to view the latest identified vulnerabilities and their risk category and sort findings alphabetically, by date, severity or product. Additional filters will also allow managers to share findings with team members responsible for different projects or engagements, allowing the manager to quickly take action on the most severe vulnerabilities with your organisation.

Sonar screengrab - Findings


Set up Projects within your Portal to organise your hosts more effectively. Projects can be categorised by product type and grouped under higher-level engagements. Sort your projects using the ordering function and quickly view highly active projects by applying filters to bring up the required data. Managers may use Projects to organise responsibilities between team members

Sonar screengrab - Projects


Save time with automatic reporting. Managers are able to generate a professional looking report within seconds. Reports includes notes, images and graphs, all drawn from the human validated data held securely within the Mercury: Sonar platform. Users can change the type and sequence of information displayed with the report using the ‘drag and drop' Report building Widget.

Sonar screengrab - Reports