Governance Services

Elevate your cyber security posture with our tailored governance services designed for lasting resilience.


Effective cyber security governance is vital as it enables organisations to manage risks, maintain compliance, and align security efforts with business objectives. By fostering accountability, transparency, and continuous improvement, strong governance ensures timely incident response, bolsters stakeholder confidence, and builds resilience against ever-evolving cyber threats.

Mercury’s Governance Services are designed to ensure your organisation is well-protected and compliant with industry regulations. Our team of seasoned professionals will collaborate with you to create and implement comprehensive governance frameworks, policies, and strategies tailored to your unique needs. By prioritising effective governance, you’ll build a solid foundation for a secure and successful future in the ever-evolving cyber world.

Our Governance Services

IRAP Preparation & Assessment

Prepare for and navigate the Information Security Registered Assessors Program (IRAP) assessment with expert guidance and support.

Risk Assessments

Identify, assess, and prioritise cyber risks to your organisation, enabling informed decision-making and effective risk management.

Support to Defence Industry

Strengthen your defence industry's cyber security posture with tailored guidance, assessments, and risk mitigation strategies.

Security Audits

Conduct thorough audits to evaluate your existing security measures and identify areas for improvement and compliance.

Third-Party Risk Assessments

Assess and manage the cyber security risks posed by third-party vendors, ensuring a secure supply chain.

Security Policy & Process Design

Develop and implement robust security policies and processes that align with your organisation's objectives and risk appetite.

Security Program Development

Build comprehensive security programs that integrate seamlessly into your organisation's operations and culture.

Security Strategy, Budget & Roadmap Development

Craft strategic security plans, allocate resources effectively, and develop roadmaps for continuous improvement.

Cybersecurity Governance and Policy Development

Establish strong governance frameworks and policies to guide your organisation's cyber security efforts.

Policy Uplift

Improve and modernise your existing security policies to meet evolving industry standards and best practices.

Our Engagement Process

Our customer-centric engagement model ensures meticulous planning, seamless communication, and risk minimisation for optimal project outcomes and satisfaction.

Dedicated Point of Contact

We provide a single point of contact for project management, ensuring clear communication and timely escalation directly with the expert providing the delivery, all while maintaining continuity of service.

Engagement Planning

Our planning process includes confirming points of contact, resource scheduling, scope reconfirmation, and establishing engagement rules for smooth project execution.


Our team will consistently keep you abreast of our activities, ensuring that you receive reliable ongoing support and expertise throughout our services. 

Project Close Out

At the end of each engagement, we deliver final reports, conduct debrief meetings, and ensure client acceptance, securely retaining data for specified durations.

Risk Minimisation

We employ secure management practices, information management, and security tools, along with careful engagement planning to minimise risks during service delivery.

Our Accreditations

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