Research Services

In-depth analysis and informed strategies
stem from Mercury's Research Services.

Most, if not all, technologies are not subjected to an exhaustive review.

Navigating the intricate realm of cybersecurity requires a vigilant approach. With the shifting nature of threats, it’s essential to have comprehensive insights into the areas that demand trust. While targeted approaches such as penetration testing and vulnerability assessments provide the baseline security insights, Mercury’s research services offer detailed analysis and deep insights to inform cyber security requirements, risks and impacts.

Our Research Services

Mercury’s holistic approach encapsulates a suite of research-based services, meticulously crafted to the unique needs and requirements

Cyber Security Test & Evaluation

Comprehensive understanding and assurance of products, systems, networks, or devices throughout their lifecycle.

Defining Requirements & Characterisation

Context establishment, threat modelling, and a detailed understanding of the Systems Under Test (SUT).

Vulnerability Research & Exploit Development

OS, binary and firmware analysis, vulnerability research, and essential feedback for securing systems.


End-to-end testing, simulating real-world scenarios to measure resilience and identify vulnerabilities.

Support to Sustainment Activities

Ongoing monitoring and updates, ensuring that the SUT remains secure in the ever-evolving threat environment.

Assessment and Assurance of Support Systems

A comprehensive evaluation of interconnected systems and infrastructure reinforces every link in your security chain.

Our Engagement Process

Mercury’s engagement process combines dedicated management, thorough planning, and risk mitigation for a seamless client experience.

Dedicated Point of Contact

A primary manager oversees your project, ensuring clear communication, task management, and is available for out-of-hours escalation

Engagement Planning

Our approach includes monthly communication, resource scheduling, and scope reaffirmation. New rules are formalised in writing and most tasks are performed off-site.

Project Sustainment

Regular reports, milestones and maintenance activities will take place throughout the engagement lifecycle.

Assumptions and Limitations

Mercury requires client cooperation and information access. We address high-risk issues quickly and may pause for system concerns. 

Risk Minimisation

Mercury prioritises low-risk service delivery with top-tier security, data management, VPNs, and multi-factor authentication practices.

Our Accreditations

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