Mercury Information Security Services

We are

We are:

PIONEERS in online assurance platforms and reporting

BEST-IN-CLASS for security services, advice and remediation

INDUSTRY LEADERS in information security and protection.

We use

We use:

THE LATEST AND MOST MODERN METHODS in social engineering and threat hunting

PROVEN AND TRUSTED PROCEDURES for int/ext pentesting and simulated cyber attacks

THE MOST INNOVATIVE TECHNIQUES in vulnerability assessment and monitoring

You get

You get:

PROTECTION from nefarious threat actors and cyber attacks

ASSURANCE your organisation's security systems are constantly improved

PEACE OF MIND knowing your data is safe.

Professional Services

Our Professional Services offers traditional cybersecurity mitigation activities, individually or in a suite. Delivered in a consulting approach and tailored specifically to your organisation, these services provide a detailed snapshot of issues and risks that face your organisation. Additionally, any of these services can be further augmented by our automated vulnerability assessment platform, Mercury: Sonar.

Penetration Testing

Penetration is the act of simulating an attack on an organisation or system in order to provide a more accurate assessment of security issues and risks. Applicable to both infrastructure as well as web-based applications, this process allows Mercury to better appraise our clients and provide detailed understanding of the threats and risks they are likely to encounter.

Design & Architecture Reviews

Design & Architecture Review is the appreciation of security issues at a higher level of encapsulation of an environment. Typically executed earlier on in the implementation of technologies, we take offensive security knowledge and involve itself in the defence and mitigation of issues at an earlier stage or from a position where it can better evaluate risk.

Social Engineering

This specialised service is the process of manipulating and extracting sensitive information or actions from employees or stakeholders, including gaining unauthorised access. The process validates that users are responding appropriately to attempts against them and provides corrective action where such behaviours put the business at risk.

Physical Security Testing

Our physical security engagements will review and analyse the physical environment in order to assess its exploitability to likely threat actors. The process evaluates the physical space, context & extrapolates likely attack scenarios and provided countermeasures to mitigate risk of becoming a target.

Specialist Consulting

Our Specialist Consulting is a bespoke offering comprised of Mercury’s technical knowledge and experience for unique project-based encounters. A highly tailored approach, this service aims to address the ‘root cause’ of the security issue(s) and provide niche security advice to our clients.

  • Industrial control system security
  • Hardware security
  • Security training
  • Security research & Intelligence

Augmented Assurance Services

Mercury: SONAR

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Who we are...

Mercury Information Security Services (Mercury) are a leading provider of information security services, advice and consulting in Australia. Since its inception in 2015, Mercury ISS has provided traditional cyber security services with a focus on customer service to meet the changing requirements of the Australian market.

Our analysts use the same tools at the Fortune 500 companies. They have access to the knowledge and skills of some of worlds best pen-testers and cyber security analysts. Many of our staff have been in the information security industry for more than 10 years. Mercury started as a group of pen-testers’ looking for better ways to simplify information security. Today we democratise technology for businesses, enabling vulnerability assessments and digital security to be afforded by even the smallest of organisations.

Mercury Team