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Rooted in historical symbolism, Mercury Information Security Systems takes its name from the Roman God Mercury.

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At Mercury, we're an established, independent cybersecurity firm in Australia, specialising in personalised, effective cybersecurity services. Our success stems from the perfect blend of technical expertise, meaningful relationships, and a pragmatic, uniquely Australian approach. We pride ourselves on service excellence and building trust with our clients. Welcome to Mercury—your trusted partner in navigating complex cybersecurity terrain.


Services (SAGE)

Our SAGE (Security, Architecture, Governance & Engineering) team employs sophisticated methods to pre-emptively tackle security issues in initial technology implementation.


Delivered in a consulting approach and explicitly tailored to your organisation, these services provide a detailed overview of issues and risks that face your organisation.


Mercury can support the preparation of assessments, as well as conduct IRAP assessments, against corporate networks, mission systems and cloud environments.


Explore enhanced cybersecurity insights and bespoke services for a robust defence against evolving threats, without exhaustive technology reviews or oversight.

Our Projects

Respecting confidentiality, we maintain anonymity for all client names in our communications.

Banking Institution
Cybersecurity Enhancement

Collaborating with a major financial institution, Mercury performed an extensive cybersecurity revamp, encompassing robust network and application security testing along with rigorous social engineering evaluations, to build a comprehensive security framework.

FMCG Company Cloud
Security Assessment

We collaborated with a leading Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) company to conduct regular in-depth cloud security assessments. Leveraging our experience and cutting-edge tools, we were able to identify vulnerabilities, improve their cloud security posture, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Government Body Red
Team Engagement

Mercury was engaged by a significant government body for a high-profile Red Team operation. Our dedicated team simulated advanced persistent threats, tested their security response mechanisms, and provided a detailed report, ultimately fortifying their cyber defenses.

Firm ASVS Assessment

Mercury worked with a leading telecommunications firm to conduct an Application Security Verification Standard (ASVS) assessment. The project identified potential application vulnerabilities, assisting the firm in hardening their applications against possible threats.

Partnering for a Secure Future: Why Mercury Stands Apart

At Mercury, we're more than a cybersecurity firm. We blend expertise, tailored services, and a pragmatic approach to meet your unique needs with agility. Choose Mercury for a place where capability, empathy, and objectivity unite to create powerful cybersecurity defenses.

Unrivalled Expertise

We're not just skilled, we excel at transforming our deep cybersecurity understanding into practical strategies for your organisation.

Bespoke Services

We don't do off-the-shelf. Every service we offer, from assurance to governance, is tailored to meet your unique security needs.

Innovation at Core

We're always ahead of the curve, thanks to our SAGE team, who use innovative techniques to address security concerns proactively.

Robust Governance Support

We're by your side when it comes to IRAP assessments, providing comprehensive support for networks, systems, and cloud environments

Research-Led Approach

Our extensive involvement in Australian Defence projects fuels our comprehensive security testing and innovative vulnerability research.

Authentically Australian

We bring a mature, pragmatic, and distinctly Australian approach to all aspects of cybersecurity, setting us apart in the industry.


Healthcare Tech
Financial Services

Our Accreditations

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