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Technical Security

We provide focused advice in specific technologies or security domains, with a more detailed focus on a product or security domain at an earlier stage, or from a position where it can better evaluate risks.

Professional Services

We seek to augment existing governance practices & our other security services in order to provide guidance on addressing the “root causes” of your security issues.

Penetration Testing & Threat Emulation

We simulate an attack on your organisation or system in order to provide a more accurate appraisal of security issues and risks.


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Digital Assurance Platform

An affordable and easy to use system that provides reliable and ongoing vulnerability assessments to maintain the security posture of an organisation.

Following an initial consultation, Kemarto will be calibrated for the target organisation and set to provide ongoing analysis with manual validation and insight from industry experts.

Our Expertise

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Edward Farrell

Founder & CEO

Edward has worked in information security for over eight years. In addition to being well versed as a penetration tester, Edwards experience as a network engineer and security researcher brings to the industry a passion for his work and a well rounded experience across multiple domains.

Our Mission

World class services and advice

Our mission is to provide organisations with a comprehensive, world class range of customised information security services and advice which will enable them to secure and protect all aspects of their IT infrastructure.

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