Why your business needs a cybersecurity roadmap

A cyber security strategy roadmap is your organisation’s strategic guide for managing and strengthening the cyber security posture. It aligns cyber security initiatives with the company’s technology and strategic goals to ensure security initiatives meet current and future needs. 

A cyber security roadmap involves:

  • Identifying critical assets and potential threats.
  • Ensuring compliance with regulations.
  • Allocating necessary resources.
  • Continuously monitoring and reviewing security measures.
  • Developing a robust incident response plan.

Why do we recommend a roadmap as the first step to improving your cyber security posture?

A proactive approach to cyber security

Reactive cyber security inherently limits your ability to protect the organisation. After a breach, your business has already experienced data loss, financial impact, and reputational harm. Even with a robust recovery strategy, it is too late to prevent damage. 

24% of Australians consider proactivity the second most important action organisations should take to protect data (after limiting the data collected in the first place). Although it is impossible to eliminate cyber security incidents from impacting your company, a proactive approach can significantly lessen their likelihood and minimise their impact on the business.

Establish long-term security goals

A reactive cyber security strategy, fixated on addressing issues as they arise, fails to establish a long-term plan for enhancing defences. A cyber security roadmap audits current security measures, identifies vulnerabilities, and strategically strengthens defences over time.

Setting clear, long-term objectives enables you to build a strategic framework that ensures cyber security efforts are forward-looking and adaptable. Long-term objectives enable a strategic, evolving approach to cyber security, aligning with both current needs and future challenges. This focus on long-term goals ensures ongoing resilience against evolving cyber threats so the organisation can maintain a strong security posture over time.

Develop a strategy to protect against evolving threats

A cyber security roadmap accounts for evolving threats and outlines strategies to deal with new threats as they arise. When 70% of Australians view protecting personal information as a major concern, a roadmap is not just a technical necessity but also a response to customer expectations. Additionally, regulatory compliance requirements mean your organisation needs a strategy to address changes as needed.

A roadmap also focuses on properly allocating resources. It prioritises efforts on the most significant threats, avoiding the inefficiency of tackling all potential risks at once. By concentrating resources on the most critical vulnerabilities, organisations can first address their most pressing security challenges, strengthening their overall security posture.

Types of information exposed during cyber attacks in FY 2023

Source: ASD.


A cyber security strategy roadmap is a strategic plan that evaluates current cyber security controls, identifies the gaps, and outlines a long-term plan to strengthen defences proactively and systemically.

A cyber security roadmap enables you to proactively strengthen your defences rather than patching issues as they arise. Keeping pace with changing trends and threats ensures that security measures remain relevant as requirements and the landscape change. Building a long-term plan provides a strategic framework for resource allocation so you can both understand and address the vulnerabilities most relevant to your business.

Why choose Mercury to develop your cyber security strategy roadmap?

We collaborate with your organisation to develop and implement cyber security strategies that align with your organisation’s goals and risk tolerance. We specialise in crafting strategic security plans that effectively allocate resources and support you in continuously improving your cyber security posture. Visit our Governance Services page for more information.

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