3 ways cyber security policies improve your company’s defences

Approaching cyber security with discipline elevates confidence in your organisation, both externally and internally. Having discipline in your cyber security approach means aligning what you’re supposed to do (compliance) at the level you’re asked to do it (regulations), with a mindset that understands how things could go wrong (risk assessments) and with your unique way […]

Mercury Set to Unveil industry-leading Research Services at IndoPac 2023

Introduction Mercury Information Security Services Pty Ltd (Mercury), an established leader in cybersecurity services and consulting in Australia, is proud to announce the launch of its Research Services on the 1st November 2023. This new offering represents a significant milestone for the company, reflecting its sustained effort over the past 18 months to refine a […]

Why must your organisation prioritise regular cyber security audits?

Proactivity should be the core of your cyber security strategy. There is little point in reacting, discovering and patching vulnerabilities after experiencing a cyber event when you have already lost trust, time, money, employees and customers. You need a structure in place for understanding and covering the gaps now to minimise an attack’s impact on […]

Why your cyber security governance strategy must cover third-party risks

Your business relies on an ecosystem of third-party organisations to meet various requirements, from manufacturing to internal IT processes. You would likely struggle to survive without these partnerships; smaller businesses often do not have the resources to bring some functions in-house, and third-party suppliers greatly contribute to the business’ success. Even for larger organisations, bringing […]

Mercury’s Shirt for BSides: An Homage to Florence Violet McKenzie

Working in cyber security, we are all about black t-shirts. Whilst I have been accused of having some fashion sense, I also own some 60 black shirts and 3 hoodies collected over the years from conferences, colleagues and memes that have spread over the years. I thought it was about time Mercury made one to […]

AFS Licensees: Are you meeting your cyber security obligations?

Australian Financial Services (AFS) licensees are attractive targets for an array of threat actors, from insider threats to cyber criminals, because they hold the promise of incredibly sensitive data and great monetary gain. As such, AFS licensees should operate under the assumption that cyber attacks are inevitable events that could impact the business at any […]