Mercury Set to Unveil industry-leading Research Services at IndoPac 2023


Mercury Information Security Services Pty Ltd (Mercury), an established leader in cybersecurity services and consulting in Australia, is proud to announce the launch of its Research Services on the 1st November 2023. This new offering represents a significant milestone for the company, reflecting its sustained effort over the past 18 months to refine a suite of services dedicated to advancing the state of cybersecurity and defence. Mercury is set to showcase its new service offering at IndoPac 2023, focusing on several key disciplines: 

  • Cyber Security Test & Evaluation
  • Defining Requirements & Characterisation
  • Vulnerability Research & Exploit Development
  • Adversarial simulation 
  • Support to Sustainment Activities
  • Assessment and Assurance of Support Systems

This strategic expansion into research services is designed to meet the escalating challenges in cybersecurity, offering nuanced and sophisticated services. Mercury’s commitment to this new venture underscores its role as a thought leader in the industry, ready to equip clients with the advanced tools and insights needed to navigate the increasingly complex cyber terrain. With a focus on operational excellence and strategic foresight, Mercury’s Research Services are set to redefine industry practices and enhance the security posture of organisations at the forefront of digital innovation.

Research services has been 18 months in the making. We’d observed the need in the market for a greater depth and contextual awareness in a number of our services and have taken our time and effort to build and develop the capability. It is our vision that the activities undertaken by research services will foster trust and confidence in technologies and domains that demand a heightened degree of assurance.” – Edward Farrell, Director of Mercury

Summary of Key Points:

  • Value-Driven Service Expansion – Mercury enhances its trusted service suite with objective, value-driven research offerings, ensuring comprehensive security services for its clientele.
  • IndoPac 2023 Showcase – At IndoPac 2023, with support from the NSW Government, Mercury will exhibit its new research services, showcasing deep expertise in cybersecurity disciplines and the latest in support system advancements.
  • Market-Driven Security Enhancement – In response to heightened market demands, Mercury’s enhanced security research capabilities provide targeted, sophisticated insights for advanced threat landscapes.

About Mercury

Mercury Information Security Services (Mercury) is a leading provider of information security services, advice, and consulting in Australia. Since its inception in 2015, Mercury has provided traditional cyber security services with a focus on customer service to meet the changing requirements of the Australian market.

Mercury started as a group of pen-testers’ looking for better ways to simplify information security. Today we democratise technology for businesses, enabling vulnerability assessments and digital security to be afforded by even the smallest of organisations. Since 2022, the organisation has expanded into other domains including research, architecture and specific government services such as the Australian Government’s InfoSec Registered Assessors Program (IRAP). The organisation remains focused on its approach to independence, threat centricity and providing trusted services.

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Edward Farrell
Director of Mercury Information Security Services Pty Ltd
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0414 830 713

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