We’re hiring a senior consultant!

Great news! we’re looking to hire a senior consultant in the next few weeks and have put together a bit of a job description below, as well as details on how to apply.

Who are we?

Mercury Information Security Services (just Mercury) are a leading provider of information security services, advice and consulting in Australia. Since its inception in 2015, Mercury has provided traditional cyber security services with a focus on customer service to meet the changing requirements of the Australian market.

We focus on:

  • Assessment and assurance services, with an emphasis on penetration testing & secure design and architecture review.
  • Bespoke toolsets for the delivery of our testing services.
  • Providing sound and independent cyber security advice.

Who are you?

You live for the thrill of success as an individual and as a team. You have an experienced resume and enjoy working with end users and clients who want to create secure environments. As an individual, you are highly motivated and thrive off working autonomously and also driving business outcomes and you believe that continuous improvement and education never stops. As a team member, you work collaboratively, mentoring and inspiring colleagues whilst learning off them as well — we push each other to deliver high quality products and services to our customers.

Some of the responsibilities you will have under your umbrella include:

  1. delivery of penetration testing, threat emulation, incident response and cyber security assurance services.
  2. Managing and overseeing engagements, including management and mentoring of associate consultants.
  3. Provide advice and guidance to stakeholders on cyber security.
  4. Develop productive relationships with customers.
  5. Conduct administrative activities and manage your own time.
  6. Support the development and maturation of the organisation.
  7. Be willing to grow professionally, with regular education, training and opportunity for personal development.

What we’re looking for

The primacy of cyber security services is subject matter experts who have committed themselves to mastering their craft, seek out and accept responsibility and applying radically simple processes for supporting activities. Mercury believes in empowering its consultants to be competent, honest, upfront and capable of self management is the best way to achieve an awesome outcome for its clients and employees.

You are the sort of person who refuses to be subjugated by the “upstairs downstairs” approach to cyber security businesses, where a myriad of thought leaders, repurposed door to door salespeople and self important administrators micromanage and belittle every move of the competent workforce. In our experience, this only runs human beings into the ground through boring time consuming tasks that help no one but the bank accounts of aforementioned slave drivers. Our approach does however, demand the ability to work independently and conduct several different tasks at once.

You also think that customers would do well not blowing their money on snake oil or on software licensing for security solutions that don’t deal with their problems, and believe in giving honest, frank advice is the best way we can improve cybersecurity in this country. You hate TPS reports, time wasting meetings, complex processes, as well as the belief in growth at any costs.

Whilst most of our work focuses on testing, assurance and incident response, you’ll be well rounded in engaging with other human beings, understanding technological fundamentals (yes, cyber security involves computers) and being able to write deliverables.

There’s also an opportunity ongoing learning and there will be opportunity to build your own tools, contribute to open source projects or conduct research (as long as it’s not anti vaccination research, proving 5g cell towers cause shakra misalignment or any other research that is fuelled by unfounded claims).

Other traits were looking for:

  1. A few years experience or maturation in similar disciplines (we’re not going to ask you for 20 years expertise in a field that’s only been around for 3)
  2. Australian citizenship or permanent residency.
  3. Existing testing experience or work in a technically oriented development or operations environment.
  4. Exposure to aws, azure or gcp.
  5. Any software development or network engineering experience is a plus.
  6. Command of the English language in the written form.
  7. Sydney based personnel are preferred.

What we’re not looking for

  1. Anyone that is getting a job in cyber security to let everyone know they’re in cyber security.
  2. Button pushers, cert chasers, folks behaving like MCSEs did in the early 2000s seeking internet money just for turning up having never installed an OS, or anyone else that can’t think creatively.
  3. Social media users who think tweeting their opinions at corporate accounts makes them “an advisor to asx listed companies”
  4. ‘Alphas’ who have just come here because they like dominating human beings or get their jollies out of humiliating others
  5. Repurposed Instagram influencers or anyone from the dramatic arts of the internet.
  6. Anyone who thinks the CEH certification is a post nominal (although VC winners are invited to apply)

Recruiters (especially the cool ones that we’re friends with) can engage, but if you’re disingenuously throwing resumes at our email address for monies, We’re just not going to bother.

How to apply

A 1 page cover letter and accompanying 1 page resume will be sufficient. Email these through to [email protected]

We’re here to help

Let Mercury safeguard your business while you focus on growing it.

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